25 April 2019 17:19 Europe/Berlin

SOLVED - Issues with Ceph Storage

Systems:   SOLVED - Issues with Ceph Storage
Affected:   All Customers with NFS Storage / Virtual Machines
Start:   2019-04-25 at 15:15 Europe/Berlin
Recovery:   2019-04-25 at 17:00 Europe/Berlin
Description:   We have implemented a fix for the interruptions on our Ceph Storage. All systems are operational again.
Add. Info:   We had routing issues on one of our ceph servers (ceph11). Partly requests were not served or hung. Until the final problem solution, the server was removed from the cluster. Outage affected 9 placement groups, and systems seeking access to these areas were experiencing these issues. The routing problems has been fixed and the server is back in the cluster.